Thursday, July 24, 2008

rain and water

We did the relay for life on Friday.  I think last minute our team was beat out for first place for fund raising.  It doesn't mean anything, but it does motivate us when it comes to getting pledges.  It rained pretty much right after the walk started.  Not a little rain, a down pour.  It was fine because the tents were up, so most stuff stayed dry but everything did have that damp feeling.  At 3am it was raining again, and a thunderstorm with lightening was moving in, so they ended the walk early.  That wouldn't have been a good situation at all, tents flapping around, acting like little lightening rods.

We went to Lake Geneva for the weekend with friends.  It was a fun time.  There was a water park in our hotel.  Ava loved the lazy river.  She liked to just sit in the donuts.   I took her down without Justin on our first day there.  Everytime after that, she would ask if Daddy was going too.  He isn't a huge fan of water, but Ava is a huge fan of her Daddy, so he is going to have to get over that.  On our last day, Ava finally was willing to get in the regular pool with us (and it wasn't too crowded).   She definitely had fun but she definitely needs to take swimming lessons.  She couldn't get the concept of kicking her legs or not "eating the water."   Justin and I had a nice dinner out at a fancy schmancy chop house.  The food was amazing!  The dessert was super good.  We had a chocolate mousse cake thingy.  I don't even know what it was, but we dipped in a raspberry sauce.  We made breakfast in our room each morning, or really Bryan did.  Justin and Bryan did the shopping and Justin got cinnamon rolls for us to make on our morning.  We didn't have an oven.  We did have a lot of butter.  In two days we went through 4 sticks of butter.  I shouldn't say in 2 days, more like in 2 meals.  I fried up our cinnamon rolls in butter.  I chopped them up into little pieces first and then let them cook up in the butter.  I put the icing on top and mixed it up when it was all done.  It was so good.  Max had a panic while I was cooking because he thought I just couldn't read the directions and was making them wrong.  He didn't have a problem eating the end results of my illiteracy.  Needless to say, Justin has started back on spark people since getting back.  Justin brought the "new" camera and it had battery issues the whole time, so I don't know if we actually got any good pictures.  Anytime we wanted to use it, it would have no power.

I have figured out that I pretty much rotate my hobbies in streaks.  I haven't crocheted anything since finishing my yellow blanket, but I have been reading a lot.  I have read through all of my  books that I mooched, so now I am kind of wanting to crochet again.  I need to just get around to ordering my yarn that I want to use.  In the mean time, I just sent out 7 new book requests.  I went to the library with Justin and Ava and took the book discussion group lists and looked for books that might be interesting to me.  Ava gets so excited about the library.  All she wanted to do is read.  We said, "Do you want ice cream?"  She said, "I want books."  Not too shocking since we are both readers, but still.  I hope she continues with it.  It is so odd to me that some people really never read.  I guess that is what some people think about people who never work out....

Tonight we had the Italian herb crusted pork tenderloin that we got from Simply Homemade.  SO GOOD!!!!!!!!  It was the perfect amount for us too.  I feel very odd that it is already going to be Friday tomorrow.