Saturday, August 30, 2008

Ava's politics

The other night I had the democratic national convention on tv.  Ava started applauding with the audience.  She asked who people were so I told her Barack Obama's name.  Last night we were all in the car.  It was late and Ava was pretty much talking to herself to stay awake.  Here was her conversation with herself.  I will just translate it, though most of the words she said are very clear.

"I think I like Obama.  Yes, I like Obama.  Obama likes wronies and hot dogs."

Apparently Ava has very strict criteria on who she will vote for.  You must like macaroni and cheese and hot dogs.  She also either saw some interview that I didn't, that disclosed Obama's enjoyment of macaroni and hot dogs, or she just assumes that her favorite meal is so great, that everyone must like it. 

Justin also says he is in trouble and needs to make more money.  We went into Gymboree last night and she immediately started walking around picking out things that she likes.  She is generally very opinionated in her clothing.  She usually picks out at least part of her outfit or gives us a color that she wants to wear on any given day.  She also tells me how to do her hair most of the time.  She pretty much always decides which shoes she is going to wear.  She also gets excited when she finds out we are going shopping.