Saturday, August 9, 2008

The big present

So as I write this, Ava is at the Wiggles concert with Justin.  We bought her the tickets a couple months ago as her gift.  They have floor seats.  Justin has sent me some video on his cell phone and she is just staring at all the people.  He sent me a text saying that they were right by Murry and Jeff and Jeff said hi to her!  He said she just stared at him though.   I am excited to hear her talk about it later.  I am sure, just like with everything else, she will just sit back and take it all in.  I am a little sad that her favorite Wiggle, Greg, doesn't tour with them.  She was asking earlier if he will be there.  We said there will definitely be a yellow Wiggle.  Should I be capitalizing Wiggle?

Last night Justin had a meeting thing to go to, so Ava and I went out.  We went to dinner at Panara and then to the movies.  She has never been to a theater before, Justin has been leary of her making it through a whole movie.  We went to see Wall E.  I think she got a little bored/tired towards then, and asked to leave, but she was sitting still so I just told her we had to wait until the end of the movie.  On the way home, she talked all about , "waahey, Ava, the babies, the big people, and Mommy and cah corn"  Over and over and over again.   I think she would have totally made it through with no problems if they hadn't shown 20 minutes of previews first.  There was a cartoon at the beginning and she loved that.  She just sat next to her giant bag of popcorn and was cracking up.   She clapped when it was over, it was pretty cute.   At bed time, when we were done praying, she said, "Thank you Mommy for woovie."  I am guessing she liked it.  When Justin was telling her to get her shoes on, they had to go do something special, she said all hushed, "to a woovie?"