Tuesday, August 5, 2008

She's 2

Ava says she had a fun birthday today.  It seemed to have gone by pretty fast.  I am glad she was in a good mood most of the day.  She woke up happy and pretty much stayed that way.  She got to watch her favorite shows this morning.  We then went shopping and she picked out a cake mix to make this afternoon.  She picked McDonald's as her lunch but barely ate any of it.  She talked to herself in her room off and on for 2 hours instead of taking a nap.  Justin came home from work early and we gave her her present.  She got a Cars couch. 

She was excited that it had Lightning McQueen on it. p>We then made her cake.

She was then spent and fell asleep on her new couch.

After her nap, we frosted and decorated her cake.  And ate some sprinkles and icing.

Eventually, we sang blew out the candles.

And there she is, my big girl.  She is in a constant state of turmoil right now over whether or not she is a big girl or a baby.  She likes to pretend to be a baby including making strange baby noises.  All you have to do is to ask her about the new baby and she goes straight into baby mode.  I am not even going to entertain the idea of potty training until after the new baby comes.  She really shouldn't feel threatened.  I am excited about the new baby, but I am just as excited about Ava growing up.  I love who she is right now and look forward to watching her grow.  She is my big helper and friend.  She is so polite right now, most of the time, and is fun to be around.  Her birth has given my life clear direction.  I have never felt more content or settled than I do right now.