Friday, June 20, 2008


I finally finished my blanket that I have been working on (off and on, but it still was an extensive project) since January. 

The blanket's pattern is called the "Heirloom blanket."  I am supposed to weave ribbon through the edging, I tried it and didn't like how it looked with it, so I have decided to forgo it.  The blanket is made of this yarn I got from  After seeing the end results, it makes question why on earth I have or will continue to make anything from the synthetic yarns.  The way this blanket drapes is like a really nice sweater.  It reminds me of a throw from my grandma's house.   I tried to take pictures to show the drape but that is very difficult to do. 

Shine Sport Yarn- Butter

60% Pima Cotton, 40% Modal® natural beech wood fiber
Sport Weight
6 sts = 1" on #3 - 5 needles
110 yards/50 gram ball
Machine Washable/Tumble Dry Low

The touch of Modal® natural beech wood fiber
gives the pima cotton a lustrous depth akin to silk, but without the
cost or special care silk requires. The knit fabric is deliciously soft
and smooth to the touch, with very little pilling. Enjoy the way Shine Sport
reflects light from textured stitches and cables; also fine enough for
two-color knitting. Its easy washability and long-wearing traits make
it ideal for baby and kid knits.




The color is much more yellowy than it appeared in the picture when I bought the yarn. It is weird because at the same time I bought a couple skeins of hydrangea and cream and both of them turned out to be very close to the colors shown. 

Here is an added bonus picture.  Ava on the paddle boats at Pirate's Cove last week.