Sunday, June 15, 2008

Baby Proof and Tequi

I took a brief break and read Baby Proof by Emily Griffin.  I could have sworn I read it before, but I think I had just considered it many times.  I think I have read a book with a similar story line.  Either way, it was enjoyable and sucked me in.  It was an easy read.  I would say it took me about 5 hours in total. 

I decided last night that our cat, Tequi, is an interesting beast.  He got shut in a bedroom for a little less than 24 hours.  Instead of coming downstairs to use the litter box or eat, he came downstairs to yell at us.  He sat in the livingroom and just meowed for about five minutes after his release, and then went back upstairs.  I have also decided that if Tequi were to speak English, he would talk like Antonio Bandares, but with a really high voice, since he is; after all, a maine coon.  He has now just reminded us, once again, to get better food for him.  He has the ability to clear out the room.  I am now going to quit writing and head upstairs since my livingroom now smells like the pachyderm house at the zoo.