Wednesday, December 12, 2007

we should get a discount

This summer Ava was pretty much the only kid in daycare for a couple months.  There was another 2 year old who came about once a week.  When school started she was rejoined by her friend Kaylee, her mom is a teacher and a new baby (4 weeks old at the time) Rene.  Ava hated Rene at first.  She was totally clingy and was having major issues for a couple weeks.  She does not like to share her people.  Now Rene is her favorite.  She talks about him all the time.  She always asks where he is.  She likes to play near him at daycare.  I go to pick her up today and she is sitting on the floor next to him.  She told me she was playing with Rene.  Wanda tells me that earlier in the day Rene was having a major crying fit.  (he has a hard time napping at daycare and usually has very long, long, long afternoons) So Wanda had to help Kaylee with the bathroom and puts Rene in his swing.  It is a little travel swing that is low to the ground.  She said Ava sat in front of his swing, kept giving him his bink and rocked the swing until he fell asleep.  Ava is working!  We should totally get a discount. 

Wanda also always misplaces the phone in the playroom.  She says now as soon as she puts it down, Ava runs up and picks it up and hands it back to her. She says "oh! here you go Mama."  Wanda calls all the kids Mama.  Ava now calls everybody Mama.  She is handing crayons to Justin saying, "Here go, Mom"  She calls me Mommy, so mom is really mama.