Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas 2007

I just put Ava to bed after going strong all day.  She was seriously in a happy, good mood 98% of the day.  It was an excellent Christmas.  She would have kept playing all night probably, but we could not.  She got SO MUCH stuff.  We definitely need to re-arrange the den and turn it into her playroom to make room.   I am sure eventually her toys will end up in her bedroom, but we don't spend time in there often enough to be able to supervise. 

I finished all of my Christmas projects, exceptImg_0976
one.  That will be given as a gift at a later time. 

Here they all are.

eh, the picture is sideways, but oh well




So the Christmas recap-  We had dinner last night at my dad's house.  It was a nice time and good visiting.  Ava was friendly and sat on my dad's lap for a bit which he enjoyed.  She got changed into her Christmas jammies and was out for the night on our way home.  We stayed up late finishing one of the Christmas projects, wrapping, and Justin was putting together toys from Santa.  I woke up early because my throat was too dry, so I was reading in bed for a bit.  Then I got hungry (my present ((jewelry and a jewelry box)) (((can I use paranthesis like quotes)))was downstairs and not wrapped, so I wasn't supposed to go down until actual "present time") so I waited around for a while and then woke Ava up a little after 8.  She saw her presents from Santa that weren't wrapped (a stroller, pack and play, high chair and baby) and was so into them that she didn't really care too much about opening other presents.  We cleaned up our present opening mess, Justin got going on his stew (dinner in the crockpot) and I finished up our baked french toast for our brunch.  My mom and everyone came over for brunch and presents.  The room was completely full. Everyone was spoiled, especially Ava.  Justin will soon be putting together her kitchen in the playroom.  Everyone left, Ava had a nap, and I finished a book.  Justin's side of the family came over and we had more present exchanging.  Our downstairs is now completely full.  It looks like we just moved in.  Ava is fully stocked with fun new toys and is excepting reservations for playdates at our house.  We had stew for dinner and pie for desert.  Lots of playing.  Now we are tired.  I am sure you have all enjoyed the play by play.  Sometimes the posts aren't for your enjoyment, but for my memory. 

Here are some of the many outfits of Christmas for Ava this year.

Christmas Eve

Christmas pajamas


Christmas morning

Christmas Day