Thursday, December 20, 2007

last cold of 2007

We (Ava and I) have colds.  Ava stayed home Monday because she had a slight fever Monday morning.  Tuesday night I think she had another one and was up a lot so I was debating keeping her home Wednesday, but daycare called and she was sick and was closed for the day, so that made the decision easier.  Yesterday I was thinking I must have a sinus infection.  I really had a migraine and a cold.  I was able to sleep all night (thanks Ava) and now I feel much better.  Now just back to plain cold.

I am wondering what they are going to think at work, me taking this much time off right before my vacation next week plus I turned in my notice.  They think I am going to call in every day until I leave.  Not true.  I plan to try to have as much paid time left to cash out.  As it is, counting today, I only have five days to go to work. It isn't that hard to do!  I am going to be working part time in the evenings at a domestic violence shelter.  I think this is the perfect job.  I get to stay home, it pays pretty well for part time, it still counts as a "real job" on my resume.  Plus I will move out of the whole nasty environment I work in now, back into the land of niceness and empowerment.  I will never again hear the comment made, "Don't have a baby.  Women who have kids can never do their jobs well after they come back to work."