Thursday, December 13, 2007

more diaper talk

I got my new and probably final shipment of diapers today.  I got a couple kissaluvs, thirsties fab fitteds, and a bum genius 3.0.  I also got a thirsties cover and a prorap.   Like the 3.0.  Logical upgrades.  I would recommend the one size adjustable.  It is a must have in the cloth diapering/convenience world.  Ava has on a thirsties fab fitted with the thirsties cover.  It is extremely trim and soft to the touch.  I definitely like them.  Over all I can totally see why they say there are never or rarely "blow outs" during the explosive poop days.  There are more safeguards and they are way more fitted than disposable diapers.  Obviously, they are made more more durable material.   The kissaluvs look soft and that they would hold the mess in.  They just look bulky. 

Anyway, those are my diaper reviews of the day.