Monday, December 10, 2007

even though we ain't got money, I'm so in love with you, honey

Things are currently looking amazingly good for the future for us.  Soon enough I will actually know details enough to share, hopefully. 

Bumgenius 3.0's came out today!  yay!

I finally ordered the Christmas cards today.  Hopefully they will be out before new years. 

So Ava calls Tequi "ow"  Like everytime he meows at her, he is introducing himself.  So she walks into our bedroom today, sees Dori (the dog) on the bed.  She says, "Hi Dori.  Where's Ow?" and then goes and opens Justin's closet door, knowing that is where the cat normally is.  He is in there, so she goes in and says, "Hi Ow."  She will put her hands on her knees and kind of squat down to talk to him or try to before he runs away.  He will meow at her, and she makes her voice even higher than normal and meows back at him, like they are having a real conversation.

Yesterday we were all at a restaurant.  As we were leaving an older man started talking to Ava, just saying hi there and all that.  He then gave her $5 to go buy a toy.  This in itself is kind of creapy, but then I have to tell myself it is Christmas, he was being nice, stop being so creaped out because of your job.  Either way, we went to Target to buy boots and let her get a $5 toy.  She got a little stuffed Elmo. So I tell Wanda that she got money for being cute and told her the guy wanted Ava to get a toy. Ava then says, "I got Elmo" like she was actually following the story.  She must have been.  Otherwise I don't why she would have randomly said that she got Elmo.  Sometimes that little mind of hers....