Thursday, December 6, 2007

Quick mid-Bears game post.  (I know!!! What is wrong with me?  I should be watching my beloved Thursday night TV!  I plan to watch some on as soon as the game is over)

Things are moving along!!! Got a phone call back today about a part time job which is exciting.  I am in a good place. 

I have definitely discovered part of my enjoyment in cloth diapering is researching the different types of diapers.  Seeing people's reviews.  Different ones seem to fit different shaped kids.  I enjoy the hunt of it.  Some people like learning everything about the computer or TV or car they will buy.  I buy those things mainly on impulse, with a little research.  (i check gas mileages, overall value, safety ratings, and standard features on vehicles)  But diapers...I have heard people debate pampers vs. huggies vs. store brand for an hour.  I am talking pre-fold, fitted, pocket, all in one, hemp, organic cotton, terry cloth, microfiber, snaps, pins, snappies, velcro not to mention websites to buy from and their customer service reviews....come on people, this is an exciting venue!