Tuesday, June 8, 2010

so many projects.

Things have been busy around here.  Half of the rooms have been painted. The downstairs is getting started this week.  One or two walls are being painted at a time so we don't have to move everything in the entire living/kitchen area at the same time. It is a much easier system on my end and since we are in no rush, it works out well. 

I have finished some yarn projects and started another.  Here are my first pair of booties.   Because they are baby booties, it doesn't really matter that much that they aren't exactly the same size.  I really am not sure how that happened, but I clearly added a row or left out a row, just not sure which.  I had to force myself to keep going on the second one.  I probably shouldn't really develop a sock making habit because I am not great at follow through on the 2nd one. 

This hat was supposed to be a newborn size but I think it is a lot bigger. It looks that way to me at least, but who knows, I didn't have a newborn handy to try it on. I guess too big is better than too small. Either way, it was pretty easy and inspired me for a future big project.

This was a great beginner knit blanket. It moved fast enough that I wasn't hopeless that I could never be able to finish. It also seemed very stretchy and cuddly. I will probably make more in this style in the future.

Last week a friend came over who knits. I really don't know that many people who knit regularly. It really could be a social hobby. I want to learn from other people so I have been trying to get a group together for a while. Ok, not trying, but thinking about it. I did finally just send out an email to try to set it up. Anyway we went to my favorite yarn shop and picked out some awesome yarn for a sweater to make Ava. One of the main reasons I wanted to learn how to knit was to make sweaters. I figured it would be easier to start out with small ones. Good thing I have some little people to make them for.

Here is her yarn choice. I am really liking how it is looking so far.

Last weekend we did the Relay for Life. We brought both the kids and I really liked having them there. Sleep wasn't that common but there was very little crying or whining so I didn't mind. Plus they both slept during the day on Saturday which was nice when I wanted to sleep.

This has become difficult to write since Rhys keeps flopping on me and saying he is my blanket.