Tuesday, June 22, 2010


The landscapers put mulch down today, for the first time in two years. They skipped last summer for some reason. Anyway, they killed my sunflower. It was growing strong and straight. It now has no leaves and is bent in half. So we will focus on the positive and look at how big the pumpkin blossoms are getting.

I am having a hard time getting a good picture of Rhys' new hair. He won't sit still long enough. He has fully hit the terrible 2's at 18 months. He throws fits about everything because he gets so frustrated with not being able to do exactly what he wants. When he is being nice he is awesome because he can communicate more and he is just funny. Anyway, here is his hair...it definitely needs trimmed up more but he got tired of sitting and so he looks like he might have been in prison sometime around 1950.