Thursday, June 10, 2010

at the pool

So today was our first day of the summer spent at the pool. By day, I mean a little over 2 hours. That is plenty of time for us. We brought all the sand toys we have collected this year and a good hour was happily spent in the giant sandbox.

I liked this time too because I actually got to sit back and burn my legs. Later on we went into the pool. Ava was following her friend that is a little bit taller and a lot braver into deeper water. I was right with her but she started to get scared when the water was over her shoulders. I was holding Rhys in one arm and she was hanging on my other arm. She started to panic as I was lifting her up a bit higher and taking her over to the wall. I said, "I've got you." As soon as the water got up to Rhys he started getting scared and he said, "I got you!!!!!!!" Pretty much anytime he was in anything more than 5 inches of water, he got scared and started crying, "I got you!!!!!!" I thought it was pretty cute in a sad puppy dog kind of way.

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