Monday, June 14, 2010

it is almost over!

All we have left to do this week is take our final and we are done with our economics class! I have been dreading it and hating it the whole time we have been taking it but I am getting an A so far. Not just an A, a pretty solid A and a little higher one than Justin. I can't be too confident in it though, since our final is worth 30% of our grade, I can still definitely blow it.

Our house is officially almost done being painted. One more wall was finished today and the ceiling in the kitchen. We just have the center wall dividing the kitchen and livingroom left and then it is finished. Everything will be painted a color other than white! Seriously, never in my life have I lived anywhere that didn't have white walls. We have had a couple rooms upstairs with painted walls for the last few years, but definitely not the whole house. It looks awesome and I am very happy with our color choices. It actually looks so nice that I am all inspired to clean through stuff and rearrange and make the whole thing look nice.

Have I mentioned that I have started to like wine? I have many things in life that I want to like, but just don't, no matter how many times I try. I don't want to be picky. I want to be versatile, it just doesn't always work out that way. Well I have figured out that there are definitely different flavors to wines and different things taste good to me. It all started when I had this niagara wine at a friend's house. It tasted just like grape juice! Justin ordered a couple bottles for me for mother's day. Then I went to wine styles and got a really good reisling. Just liking those two didn't make me feel versatile. I still felt restricted and picky, now just with certain kinds of wine. I wanted to be able to order a glass of wine with dinner and know what to order and like it. When we went to dinner for our anniversary I tried the wine flight. It was four different kinds of Spanish wines. One was really good and I just can't remember what it was, though I know it was a red which surprised me. A friend told Justin to get me Oliver's soft white. It was also very good and easy to find at Jewel. This weekend, we went to a wedding and I had the cabernet and it was also good! Meanwhile during all this wine adventuring, I have planned an overnight with friends to go on a wine and chocolate tour. We actually have a limo that drives us to a few vinyards and we go wine tasting. I am getting so excited about it. It seriously has made me crazy for years that we can to people's houses and Justin gets a beer and I am just kind of stuck. It isn't like I can bring everything for mixed drinks everytime we can go out. Wine is my solution. Hopefully by the end of the summer I will have expanded my horizons and have a list of wines I like to drink.