Monday, June 21, 2010

fuzzy wuzzy was a bear

We all had a case of the Monday's today. It was just weird weather, and we aren't into our summer schedule yet. Ava had gymnastics. She wore her leotard and I am hoping it shrinks a bit when I wash it, though I am sure it won't. If she had any meat on her bones it wouldn't gap in places. She made improvements over last week. She can walk forward on the balance beam with no problem, though she had a hard time getting on. She smiles when she does everything so that is enough to make me keep signing her up and being the mommy chauffeur.

We have set up more things to drive her to. She is signed up for soccer in the fall. It is a very low commitment, intro league. One hour a week, that is it. The game are on nights or afternoons when I don't work so I am looking forward to them being fun family events.

On a whim, I cut Rhys' hair. I have zero experience cutting boys hair, but I just started going to town anyway. He looks pretty cute and so old. He definitely isn't fuzz-less, but his head definitely has a nice new narrow shape instead of a round puff ball. He is VERY blond. Any darkness he had has been cut off. Remember around Christmas and his hair was kind of brown and wavy? That hair is all gone and probably will never be back.