Monday, February 22, 2010

The wall

Today's Mommy Monday involved my sister coming over to play. We had plans to make donuts. This did happen but she will not get to sample the fine end product because she slept in. Her fault, oh well! More for me.

Anyway, we decided to go to the mall in search of a particular make up and Ava wanted to go to the Disney Store. She had some small bills burning a hole in her pocket apparently. By the way, taking Ava into a Yankee Candle Store is very amusing. She takes her candle sniffing very seriously. Justin met us there after work and we decided to have dinner out. The hostess decided we would have more room if we just had a big booth and Rhys had a booster. He didn't quite balance right in the booster and had to be held the whole time. He got passed back and forth over the table a few times. The last time, I was attemping to keep his feet from knocking over drinks so I was holding his upper body with one hand and his legs with the other. I then completely forgot that there was a wall behind me and rammed him head first into wall. I had been looking out across the rows of booths and there weren't any walls behind anyone else! He didn't cry at all. It was just a loud thunk that made people look at the horrible mom ramming her child into a wall. I of course laughed quite a bit. So then I got to look like the psycho cruel mom who thinks it is funny to ram her child into the wall.


  1. Ha! I'll laugh with you on this one!!! :-P

  2. Who could sleep through HOMEMADE DONUTS???? Oh my. You've got me wanting to make these. I saw a version that uses canned biscut dough. I know, don't gag. They probably wouldn't be the same...

  3. that is funny! BTW - Keira does great in those booster seats... with Mike next to her, if its me next to her she wiggles and slides and all that fun stuff! Where was this at? I like to be jealous of people's eating out-ness :P


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