Tuesday, February 16, 2010

ravelympics and food

So this weekend I was in someone else's kitchen and looking for ingredients to put some type of food together. It got me thinkingabout what my staple items are. There are some things that I generally always try to have in the house for either regular snacking or I use them in a lot of recipes.

Our standards are:
chicken breasts
ground beef
mac and cheese
stick butter
black beans
kidney beans
frozen veggies
diced tomatoes
spaghetti sauce
chedder cheese
cheese sticks (ha almost had the typo of cheese stinks!)

What is your standard list?

On to ravelympics.

I am a little behind in my project for the ravelympics. I didn't start until yesterday but as long as my hand doesn't fall off, I should finish before the closing ceremony. I am making my first attempt at a felted handbag. For those who don't know, "felted" refers to the process of shrinking wool. It kind of turns it into...felt. So I am using that cheap, cheap wool I got a while ago to make a bag for Ava. She loves to carry things in bags, so I figure she can take my first attempt. So far it is super easy and going well. Hopefully I don't ruin it when I shrink it. If it all goes well, I want to get some really pretty yarn and make a bag for me.

I am seriously tired of my hand hurting though. It is bad. I have cut out as much of the typing that I can, most mouse activity, and I haven't knit anything in like three weeks. I sleep with a brace on, where something on my hand when I do knit and take a ton of alieve and it still kills me just after one evening of knitting. I am not sure what I am supposed to do about it. I kind of need my hand.

Here is the bag so far, though you can't tell it is a bag yet.


  1. Our standards are:
    Trader Joe's Gnocchi alla Sorrentina (my fave frozen meal: $2.99)
    chicken breasts
    ground beef &/or turkey
    mac and cheese
    yogurt or kefir
    black beans & yellow rice
    frozen veggies (esp. peas - frozen peas in everything! our #1 veg)
    grape tomatoes

  2. our list:
    canned veggies
    frozen veggies
    meat (chicken, pork, ground beef, anything that is on sale really)
    pasta sauces (vodka, tomato and alfredo)
    baking stuff (flour, sugar, yeast)
    milk, cheese, yogurt, eggs, butter
    mac and cheese
    canned soups
    rice/noodles/boxed mashed potatoes
    Fresh salad stuff
    onions, potatoes, garlic

    I feel complete when we have all these items!


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