Tuesday, February 9, 2010


So I saw a post on Pioneer Woman's blog about her homemade doughnuts. I got inspired and we had a snow day (means that Justin is working from home since we don't have school or anything yet) so obviously that meant that I should make some doughnuts.

It was a family event. Everybody was running the cut out dough over to the tray before it started to rise. Ava stirred up the glaze and dipped some. Rhys and Justin ate them.

I am so often disappointed when I make things for the first time that I love. I have very high expectations. I don't like cakey doughnuts, so I was a little worried. I knew everybody else would eat them but I wasn't sure I would. Can you see them? Can you see the fluff? The were light. They were fluffy. They were amazing! It was like elephant ears mixed with Krispy Kreme doughnuts. They were bliss.

Some of them got a little messed up because they stuck to the wax paper. They tasted fine though. We will bringing some holes to playgroup tomorrow so be ready. We will definitely be making these again.

By the way, Pioneer Woman takes nice pictures of her food. I use Justin's cell phone to take my pictures.


  1. MMMMMMM! Those look heavenly!!!

  2. I wanted to make these so hard, now that I know they are yum and easyish to make, looks like i have a thing to do this weekend.


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