Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Dropping the kids off at the pool

We braved the storm today and Ava made it to swimming lessons, only five minutes late. There really wasn't much of a storm to brave. The roads were all pretty clear, Ava was just taking her sweet time getting ready. Every week Ava's friend Annika screams through pretty much the entire swimming lesson. It is kind of funny because she does everything she is asked to do. She kicks when she is supposed to. She jumps in when she is supposed to. She just cries the entire time. Last week they moved her to a different group just to see if it helped with the crying because they were afraid she would throw up on herself. Her mom agreed that it was a definite possibility since she gags herself when she cries a lot. So this week we see them all get out of shallow pool and hold hands and start moving to the shallower end of the deep pool. We also see a lifeguard coming over to where they had been with a skimmer and a garbage bag. We were sure Annika had puked in the water when we weren't looking. Then they still had Annika swimming and stuff, which we thought wouldn't have been the case if she had thrown up. Then we were left wondering what else they could be fishing out of the pool. Sure enough, Oscar the swimming instructor, gets out of the pool with the clear garbage bag with one little turd in it. Some kid dropped his own kids off in the pool! I was so afraid it was Ava. Her suit is baggy enough in the butt that if she had pooped, it would have just floated on out. I asked her when she was done and she said she didn't poop in the pool. That is actually a huge relief. Nobody wants to be the parent of the kid who poops in the pool, really.

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  1. oh, man... that is gross... I have been there before when they shut down the whole pool over stuff like that. I wonder what classifies as grounds to just shut it down? I want to gag just thinking about being in that pool!


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