Monday, February 8, 2010

good bye and hello!

So Sunday we realized that sometime that morning or the night before, the cats had dumped the glass of water next to my bed onto my laptop. It no longer would turn on and was dead. It just so happened that I had a paper to write for school Sunday as did Justin. It made it very clear that we both needed to have access to a computer at any given point, since we are both taking online classes. In two weeks we will both have final projects due and those take hours and hours to write, so it isn't like we can just take turns and expect to be able to finish on time. I had recently transferred almost all of my pictures onto an external hard drive so I am not stressing about the loss of files or anything. Luckily I am getting my tuition reimbursement from work later this week, so that meant that I got to get a new computer! It is much nicer than myold one and runs so much better because it doesn't have Windows Vista. So thanks kitties. You destroy everything, but this time I kind of like the end results. An even better end result: Justin is jealous that I got a new laptop so he has to do something computery cool. He is finally getting around to turning the old desktop into a server and getting the files off that I had wanted!

In other news, Rhys has two new words today. Shoes and book. He pretty much slept most of the day away today after his pretty busy weekend, but when he was awake, he decided to bust out his new words. So at almost 14 months...his words are: hello, hi, bye, eye, Rhys, doggie, caca (food/cracker/popcorn), Papa, baba, bobo, wow, what's that?, Pepe, baby, mommy, daddy, please, more, and thank you. He does the baby signs for food, more, and all done. He is so different than Ava. Maybe it is because he sees her do things, though she always saw older kids at daycare. He just climbs up on things. He can get on and off his riding toys. I don't think Ava figured that out until way over two. He goes up stairs but hasn't figured out how to go down yet. It isn't like even if he figures it out we will let him have free reign on our stairs anyway, but it would be nice at other people's houses who don't have huge staircases.