Tuesday, September 9, 2008


The new fall season of TV is starting!!!!  Right now for adult shows it is only Bones.  Last week's episode wasn't that good at all, but I have hope that it will get better.  Also, did you know that Crossing Jordon was canceled in 2007?  I have been watching re-runs on A&E to catch up on the story line to be ready for the new season...Justin said he knew that it was canceled but thought I did too.  Oh well.

What I am actually excited about right now...Imagination Movers on playhouse Disney.  Ava has a few shows that she watches every morning while I check my email, do dishes, etc.  I get tired of the same shows all the time.  Imagination Movers just started and we are watching it for the first time right now.  Ava is very into the show, talking to the TV and everything. Some shows will ask questions, expecting the kids to answer at home, and she just sits there.  She is actually answering them on this show.  The music is so much better than in other shows!!!!  That is a very good thing since the songs will be stuck in your head for days.  Hopefully it stays this way and doesn't get lame.   What is funny to me is Ava says she has her  "shows".  She reminds me of an old lady who has to watch her soaps.  Sometimes when it isn't her TV time, she will say, "I want to watch my shows!  Ava's shows, not Mommy's shows."  I am glad playhouse Disney isn't on all the time.  It cuts out the temptation of giving in.

Swimming lesson update:  We are still going this morning.  I am guessing we will find out there when we have been moved to.