Sunday, September 21, 2008

ahhhh haaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!

Can you hear the joyous singing from my house?  I just realized that the majority of the shows I like are starting up again this week.  I am so excited, you have no idea.  Justin doesn't even have to worry about it because I will be at work two of the nights so he can just play video games or whatnot, he just can't watch anything on tv because the dvr will be busy. 

Dori has a new dog cage thingy.  It kind of looks like a pop up hamper that has mesh windows and it closes.  Ava always says Dori is in her bag.  She is acting better since in it actually, which is somewhat surprising.

Ava dropped her bobo in the car today.  She wanted it back.  She went through all the different colored bobos that she owns to see if we could give those to her.  Then she asked Justin to stop driving the car to get her bobo.  She wanted to know why  he had to keep driving.  Sometimes she is too smart.   I have to remind myself that she is only 2.