Tuesday, May 22, 2012

We did it!

Today marks the deadline for volunteer hours for Ava's school.  I only have one child enrolled there, so I just had to do the minimum hours...20.  I finished them yesterday with .5 hours to spare.  Each child means an additional 20 hours a year.  Once Rhys starts school this is going to require a concentrated effort!  I am already planning out how I am going to get my hours next year so I don't have to do a scramble at the end of the year.  Most of the things I get to do to earn hours are pretty enjoyable so it isn't bad.  It also allows me a chance to get to know other parents.  I was a lunchroom helper last week.  Ava got to stay in the cafeteria with me and color which made things easier.  It reminded me once again, why I love her school.  The custodian asked her if she would like a table set up.  He got a table down just for her, set it up so she could see everything and even got her a "fancy" chair.  During the middle school lunch time Ava pointed out an older boy.  She said he helped her up when she fell a few days ago.  It was raining and she slipped when she got in the school. She said he helped her up and asked if she was ok.  She also said he now waves to her every time he sees her. I love it that  it was a fellow student that helped her up, not a teacher.  I love that they take care of each other. 

I also earned the $200 required with gift cards!  Thanks to everybody that helped.  We have already started earning towards next year's $200.  It is definitely doable and will be easier the more I get used to thinking of using gift cards for regular purchases.

Things have been really busy after school.  Ava has had 5 birthday parties in the month of May.  She has another one tomorrow and another next Wednesday.  As a result she changes her mind about where she will be having her birthday party this year.  Did I even say she got a party?  Did I say she could invite her whole class?  I am going to have to set her out on the corner with a collections jar.

The garden is coming along.  I have three more things to plant and then we have to set up the trellises.  So far the lettuce looks beautiful.  It really looks so nice that I am looking forward to the late summer planting so I can grow so much more.  We haven't had anything eaten by rabbits.  We do have a serious weed problem though.  I don't know how to keep up.  Last week the kids and I spent well over an hour just pulling weeds. I filled up a 5 gallon bucket 4 times.  Rhys continually steps where he isn't supposed to, but it is really cute to see him try to be helpful.  He puts on his gloves and asks if there are any hard weeds that we need help with and then grabs it with both hands and puts his back into and yanks it out.  Sunday I spent 2 hours out there without kids (more time spent working, less time spent redirecting) and used a hoe and a rake.  I could easily spent another hour just pulling weeds.   I am putting so much work into it, it makes me want to put MORE work into it to make sure I am always watering and maintaining so I can get a good harvest.  My worms need to get down to business.  I need some compost to put on my tomatoes.