Thursday, May 24, 2012

Update on the hat and other stuff

I think I mentioned a couple weeks ago that our dermatologist had suggested bringing extra hats to school for other kids to wear during recess after Ava has a laser treatment.  If not, that was the gist of it.  Ava had some self esteem issues after her last treatment and was moping around at recess.  I talked to her teachers about it and they said they noticed a difference only during outdoor recess when she had to wear her hat.  So I bought Ava a new hat (the old one had lost some stiffness and was extra flopping and dirty looking) and another one for her to bring to school.  Her teacher said that it has been a big hit and the kids actually beg to be the one who gets to wear the hat and take turns with it during recess.  She suggests bringing in even more hats next year. 

My hand is finally starting to recover.  I am just able to use my thumb a little bit.  I am hoping to get back to crocheting next week sometime.   That is my only hope of actually finishing some projects on time. 

I notified my supervisor that I will be dropping down to a substitute worker in August.  I might work just as many hours here and there and mostly keep the overnight, but it will be much more flexible.  I pretty much will work mostly on weekends.  My schedule the way it has been just doesn't work with Ava in school all day and also with Justin's job.  I guess we will see which is more stressful, a crazy schedule or super tight budget.

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