Thursday, May 3, 2012

mmmmm yeasty

As you know, we have been eating organic.  I recently got organic cane sugar.  It worked perfectly fine.  I have also been getting organic flour.  I can pretty much only go to one store to get these, at least at the prices I am willing to pay.  In comes local bulk co-op ordering!  I am so excited.  I just ordered 50 lbs (which I am splitting) of organic, unbleached flour.  I am also splitting 25 pounds of organic cane sugar...and some mexican vanilla.  (anybody want in on that?  We got A LOT!)  That means baking!!!!!!  I know it will be summer and turning on the oven will be a big negative, but oh well.  

It is also means I am completely unwilling to cut out grains and dairy.  In fact, I bought some gluten just to add to my bread.  I am making french bread right now.  I love how it smells when it is rising. Mmmmm yeasty.