Sunday, May 4, 2008

new songs

Ava has a new favorite song.  It is No One by Alicia Keyes.  She walks around singing, "No one, no one, no one babble babble (that sounds like "can pick my nails")."  She hears the song start on the radio and she just gets excited and yells, "No one!"  I will have to try to get her on video singing it. 

When we went to the doctor's office on Friday, the song Feelz Good by the Gorrillaz came on the radio in the waiting room. She had to stop everything to dance.  In front of the entire waiting room.  She actually has pretty close to accurate rhythem. 

Ava is having major sleep issues lately.  Well mostly just going to sleep.  I think she knows that Justin and I have very different styles for putting her to bed, even though we say we do the same things.  She throws huge fits about sleeping when he is here.  If he is gone, I can get her to go to sleep without a problem.  It is very annoying.

Now that the cold weather is apparently over, I am planning to try to transplant some of my seedlings into outdoor pots this weekend.  My herb garden is dying.  I fed them some plant food today,so we will see if it helps.  I want to get all my flower seedlings outside before I kill them inside.  I figure even if I forget to water sometimes outside, the rain will take care of it a bit. 

So far I am loving Giants in the Earth by O.E. Rolvaag.  Just FYI.

A saw a movie this week that I also really enjoyed.  The Painted Veil.  It is supposed to be based on a book.  I am going to have to look it up to see if I would be into reading the book as well.  Visually, it was really good.  You would definitely have to classify this movie as a drama.  Either way, I recommend it.