Sunday, March 16, 2008

before I forget

Random thoughts that I have been meaning to post about.  I have been considering going with a non-password protected blog.  Just double posting essentially for a bit, taking care to avoid real names, too much personal info and whatnot and have a really tight site meter so I could see if there were any pervy searches for Ava's pictures. (my only reason for not going public)  I would keep this blog going until the trial period was over, so I could just delete the public one if it doesn't work out.  Thoughts?  Opinions?

I have posted a lot of books on, so far people have asked for 8 of our books.  I am expected quite a few more responses for some I just added tonight.  I am currently attempting to only have to go to the post office once a week.  I really don't enjoy going.  The site is a book swapping site.  You get points for books you list and points when people want your books.  You get to "mooch" a book off of someone else for one point.  You don't pay when you mooch, you just pay when you send people books.  Essentially it all comes out in the wash, and it costs you about $2.50 to get a book you want, which if you wanted, you could re-list when you are done reading it.  This is actually cheaper for me than the library because I am very bad at returning books on time. 

We watched the movie "Breaking and Entering" with Jude Law.  It was pretty good.  Just a traditional drama, but it has some good writing and cinematography.

Have you ever just felt like you have over booked yourself?  That is a dumb question, I am sure everybody has.  It isn't like I am over booked, I just have things that are somewhat inconvenient to do, and I want to avoid doing them, even though I should do them.  It just makes my day a little crazy and timed out.  I have come to enjoy not having a particular time to do anything.  No real time to have to get up, no real time to be dressed by, etc.  I start to get annoyed when things are too set in stone.   

Friday it was nice out and Ava and I went for a bike ride and a walk.  We are definitely in need of outdoor toys.  I am looking forward to garage sale season.  I am also totally looking forward to being outside this summer.  I am thinking of actually planting some flowers.  Not going crazy, but just a few.  Just for something to do outside with Ava.  I asked a neighbor who has planted for 4 years now and they have yet to ever get any type of letter from the association.  I guess we are supposed to get approval first, but if it makes your house look nicer, I don't know why they would complain.  Here are some pictures from Friday.  They were taken with my phone, so please excuse the quality.  I am ready for it to get warmer again, by the way.