Monday, March 31, 2008


So check out for this weeks full episode of How I Met Your Mother.  The ending was so freaking funny.  All I can say about it is...awesome.

Ava and Tequi became friends finally.  We will see if it lasts or if Tequi just used Ava.  Tequi is usually terrified of Ava or he just hates her with a passion, either way, he runs every chance he gets and since her birth, he chooses to spend 90 percent of his life in Justin's closet on his bathrobe.  We were eating popcorn tonight.  Somewhere I have a picture of Tequi eating popcorn out of the bowl when he was a kitten, but I don't believe that was taken with digital.  Anyway, he loves popcorn.  He actually braved coming by Ava to eat it out of her hand.  He licked it a few times.  Then Ava ate it. 

Palmolive has phosphate free dishwasher liquid.  I am interested in trying it. 

I have been on a search for Orville Redenbocker's...this is key "POUR OVER" chedder popcorn.  I can't find it anywhere anymore and it is amazing.  It is tasty popcorn with cheese flavored fatty fat fat oil poured on top of it.  Finger lickin' good.  If any of you stumble across it at the store, buy it.  I will pay you back.  I am currently 0 for 4 in trying to find it.