Thursday, March 12, 2015

Dream verses reality

Do you picture a better version of yourself?  I do.  It rarely has anything to do with my personality or character.  It is all about my lifestyle.  It is things like what would I be doing right now if.....

Right now, I would be drinking my Starbucks coffee, while typing this (in a more respected an intellectual fashion) on my Macbook, in my immaculate and decorated home.  Mind you all of these things would have come easily to me financially, like it was no big deal.  I would also be sitting here in a size 6 or 8 pants with no extra whatever flopping over the top. I would be in a cute top and probably wearing a scarf, draped just so.  It wouldn't make me look like I have a head like Beaker.  My hair would be freshly highlighted and my nails would be done, possibly in a classy French manicure.

Instead, here is my reality.  I am in fact drinking Starbucks that I brewed at home because their holiday blonde roast was on clearance at Target.  I am typing this on my work computer with a jenky mousepad, because that is the fastest and most reliable computer in the house.  Plus it is already set up at my crumb covered table for me to get work done in a little while.  I have four loads of laundry ready to be folded and one more in the washer.  I am wearing yoga pants because I am more comfortable in them in my between-the-double-digit-sizes state and a non-nondescript hoodie that is too big.  I haven't had my hair highlighted since the beginning of December,maybe and I went to bed with it slightly damp so it is definitely doing its own thing. My nails have all been breaking so they are in various stages of jagged and I need to take the chipped paint of.

Why is my reality good?  I am at home.  Getting ready to work for a job that allows me to be at home with my baby.  I am in my house that I own.  I have wi-fi in my house.  I have kids to make crumbs.  I have a washer and dryer in my house to allow me the luxury of doing laundry here.  I can afford to pick and choose food to allow me to control my diet.  I showered!  I haven't figured out the bonus of the chipped nails yet, but who knows.  Maybe I will get there.