Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Rhys' first day and other randomness

Rhys had his first day of preschool today.  The kid is going to end up going to preschool for two years.  We didn't do that with Ava, but they are different people with different skills and experiences, so it seemed like the right decision.  Anyway, he was very excited to go.  I don't think he realizes that he doesn't get to go everyday that Ava does.  

He was very excited to come home and tell me what he learned in class and that he listened and had a good day.  He wanted to know when it was time to get Ava.  I think he is more excited about telling her than anybody else.

I turned 32 yesterday.  It was a really nice day.  HOT, but nice.  It was fun to have my birthday on a national holiday and get to see family.  Ava and Rhys made me breakfast in bed.  I really needed to go grocery shopping so it was pretty slim pickings.  They made me a bowl of granola with milk.  The milk was in a pitcher so I could pour it on my cereal.  I also got a cup of coffee and a Curious George book to read.  Rhys  apparently thought reading material was necessary.  Justin did the dishes while I ate breakfast so it really was a very nice morning.

I got all the requirements to join the Daughters of the Revolution.  It is a little bit intimidating, but not impossible.  It will definitely be a long process.

It is already Tuesday.  I feel a little scattered and am wondering what the heck happened to my house this weekend and who is going to clean it.  I think the only answer is me and that makes me wish it wasn't Tuesday.