Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I should be

I should be doing something productive right now. Yesterday I looked at my week and what I had going on and was like yikes. This is going to be a challenge in time management.

Assuming that I actually am bathing, feeding, and entertaining my children during the day while Justin is at work, and attempting to get things done around the house too, so it doesn't win. (I have figured that I must put in at least 2 hours a day of maintenance work everyday to keep it looking good and clean, if we are home and destroying it. Today I have already put in about 4 and have tons and tons of clean laundry and toilets and dishes...) Here is a glimpse at the rest of my week. (yes it is Tuesday so some things are already done)
-Take VILE Pepe to get neutered and declawed.
-Justin and I both had Monday night meetings for church things.
-Focus on potty training Ava, meaning no pull ups, only underwear and cleaning any messes that result (so far she has gone 3 times today because she decided to, which is amazing!)
-pick up VILE Pepe from the vet
-go to the store to get presents for a birthday party and operation christmas child
-get ingredients for MOPS breakfast
-Read two chapters for class
-Meet online with my group for group project for class
-Go to playgroup Wednesday
-make meal to drop off at new baby's family's house Thursday morning
-go to birthday party Thursday morning with Ava.
-Get breakfast ready for MOPS
-Go to work Thursday night
-Bake breakfast thingy Friday morning
-Go to MOPS
-Sleep in the afternoon until Justin gets home...ahhh
-Somewhere in there I need to write a paper on the group project for class and post 6 lovely and intelligent answers in the discussion forums.

So what am I doing now? writing my list of what I need to do, while "preparing" to begin reading my first chapter and avoid picking up a book I actually would like to read.

Please note this is not a woe is me post. This has been an exercise in procrastination.

PS- since nobody has fallen asleep yet during nap time, when I was planning on reading, does that mean that this hasn't even interfered with my reading time because the clock hasn't started yet?

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  1. Mmmmmmm, MOPS breakfast...

    PS - of course! You got a freebie post time!


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