Thursday, November 5, 2009

I got nothin'

I haven't caught up with all of my intended posts. We are at what is hopefully the end of this round of flu. Ava started with a fever 7 days ago. She is fever free now for 3 days and is just still coughing. Rhys is on day 6 of fever and his cough has gotten much worse. I just have a cold. It isn't even a bad cold. I just sound bad but really don't feel all that bad. After being 8/9 months pregnant with pneumonia at this time last year, it is all relative and there isn't a whole lot to complain about anymore.

Ava had her eye appointment yesterday and her pressures were awesome. 22 (r) and 16 (l) in the office. Dr. K was shocked and amazed. He was like well I am more than happy with these pressures and her nerves still look great so I see no need to schedule any surgery right now. That is good news for many reasons, one of which is Ava wants to take swimming lessons. I am going to have to sign her up soon. Yay for being old enough for me not to have to get in the pool with her! Now if she can just take the final potty training step and just want to be in underwear all the time, that will be that much better.

I am writing this while Ava watches Go Diego Go, and I am pretty sure the iguana just pooped out seeds...