Monday, June 1, 2015

Can we just discuss this?

 I like to overwhelm myself. I mean, really, truly, over-commit and overwhelm myself.  I can't help it. It is like a compulsion. I work better under pressure. If I pause I lose momentum. 

Update which is relevant, we have decided to definitely go with private school. Justin hit a car this weekend and messed his car up. He is taking it in for an estimate and we are debating all the possible scenarios of what that could look like. Taking on a car payment is a very bad idea. 

Recently I have been debating working full time. Like full time at just one job. 40 hours a week, m-f, 9-5. It hasn't quite sat right with me. The kids' school just posted a part time librarian position. I think I need to investigate this further. I think I may need to do this. This would bump me to full time hours at three different jobs. Isla would definitely need childcare. But would also keep me looser and freer in the summers and breaks. It seems like it could be a creative 
solution. It also seems like a horribly stupid idea. I'm not sure which one will win.