Sunday, May 31, 2015

What the what???

Things have been super busy with end of the school year activities and other such life type things. 

With the school situation... We began registering the kids for public school and it suddenly was just not right. Every conversation I had with someone from the school was the opposition of reassuring. We still pushed on. Then the principal of the current school asked us what needed to happen to make us stay. We discussed the financial needs and concerns and he encouraged us to apply for financial aid. So we decided to apply and see what happens and make our decision after that. That is still pretty much where we are officially, only in order for them to process the financial aid application, you do have to register, so we did that and paid the registration fee. So we will of course use the logic of "well we don't want to waste that $350, so we better spend $10,000 more." We still have no idea what we will really do. I feel confident that we will stick with the school and somehow the money will be provided, though it does seem like road blocks keep coming up. 

We have 3.5 days of school left this year. I am half looking forward to break and half not. Mornings will be easier and work will be harder. I need to get my "I'm bored" jar all ready to go. I'm not listening to that all summer.