Friday, May 2, 2014

Boy, girl, twins, triplets

Ok so we knew it wasn't twins or triplets, but do you remember that song from jumping rope? 

So it is a girl! We are having a girl. Justin was sure it was a girl. I felt very strongly that it was a girl, I just didn't have that much confidence in my feelings. 

I think it has now gotten more real for everyone that we are really having a baby. I know it has for me. Ava walks around talking about her sister all the time and before she was pretty neutral. I have a little under 19 weeks left if I go to my due date to get everythig ready. I know it seems like a lot of time, and it is, but if you knew how easily a week can go by without anything getting done, even the dishes because of how busy we are and how rarely we are home, you will understand that I more or less feel like I have a month left. I have 5 more weeks of juggling the kids school and homework and three jobs and then I will just have to worry about three jobs. Easy stuff!

I have gotten as far as planning colors for the room, planned to sell some of the bigger toys I the way and donate the rest, bought a few diapers, and made a little registry (partially to have a list of what I need to get!), and that is about it. Hopefully we will have a name by September!