Tuesday, March 19, 2013

I refuse!

A while ago I had printed out a year plus of my blog into a book format.  Ava has always liked to look at it because there are a lot of pictures of her in it.  It is more or less her first year of life.  Interesting thing happened yesterday.  She decided to READ the book.  I suddenly felt a little bit panicky.  What had I said? Is it ok for her to be reading it?   She seemed to really enjoy it and sat there reading it for over an hour.  It inspired me to keep going. 

Life around here is just busy.   My 31 business has been pretty constant.  I am still working part time aside from that and now most of the hours are actually during the day which is really different.  I am also babysitting one morning a week.  The weeks just are over so quickly.  I have so many random jobs from around the house that don't quite get done and are put off until the following week.  Sooner or later I realize it has been a month or two or more.  

Spring starts tomorrow and I am definitely ready for winter to be over.  I know we have a few weeks before the weather actually changes, but just knowing we are close is awesome.  

So anyway, today was a day that just tried to be bad.  I was supposed to help out in Rhys' class.  I signed up a couple months ago.  I couldn't remember the details of when I was supposed to be there, just that today was the day.  So I had no plans to go into work, like I normally do while he is in school.  I drop him off and ask the teacher who got him out of the car (not his teacher) if I come into help now or if it is later. She said it is the last hour of the day.  I go to Target and get some cleaning supplies I had run out of and cat and dog food.  I come home, feed the cats and go back to the school to help.  I knock on the door and the teachers were like "Oh, you were supposed to be here the first half of the day." I explain what happened and they felt really bad.  I am going to have to find another day to go in.  Anyway, I then go out to the car and decide to just call some clients and things like that while I wait instead of driving back home.  Rhys gets in the car and is a mess.  He had been up late the night before and just couldn't handle life.  This continues on for the next hour or so.  He finally falls asleep while watching a show.  Meanwhile, I find that a cat puked up the new food and the dog peed on the floor.  Then I notice it is really chilly in the house.  I look and the heat is up to 70 but it is 63 in the house.  The furnace is broken again.  It seriously breaks every single winter, 6 years running. Fast forward a couple hours and I have a doctor's appointment.  It is supposed to be pretty fast, in and out.  A friend so nicely agreed to watch Rhys and Ava so they didn't have to go with.  An hour and 45 minutes later I finally get called into a room.  I leave and text my friend to say I am finally on my way and get stuck in stand still traffic because of an accident.  We end up getting fast food for dinner because it is now almost 7 and we are hungry and I have nothing made for dinner.  I end the night with finding that the kids had thrown out their garbage including the melted ice cream they had for dessert into the garbage can with no bag in it.  I felt like the day wanted me to be in a bad mood and I just wasn't feeling it. I did not want to be in a bad mood! I don't know how much longer I could hold out, but it worked.  I didn't let the day beat me. I was probably a little crabby here and there, but not overall.