Monday, November 19, 2012

Hello old friend

It has happened!  After a year without it, we have cable again.  We have had an antenna in our bedroom, which allows us to have some major networks but that is about it for live tv.  We have had subscriptions to hulu and netflix too.  Recently I have been less and less happy with them.  So on the main tv downstairs we just could watch things streaming on the roku and upstairs stuff on the antenna.  Now we have basic cable downstairs.  It is still way less than we used to have.  No dvr, much fewer channels, only one tv with it.  So now I think we will be canceling netflix and hulu.  We are saving money by having cable.  What are the chances of that???  Ava is happy.  She regularly would tell me that she wasn't happy that we had canceled tv.  She is very happy that she can watch all of her disney shows on demand.  The funny thing is, they didn't watch a single thing that was live.