Thursday, October 11, 2012

A reprieve

Ava had another laser treatment today.  We scheduled this one and the next one about 6 months ago.  We just went ahead and had scheduled out the rest of the year so we could get the days we wanted.  Well today, the doctor told us she doesn't want to do anymore for a while.  She said she wants to take about a year off.  We will either go back about a year from now or in January, depending on where we are with our deductible.  (Nice doctor, always thinking.) She doesn't think that Ava has been making any real progress and she has maxed out the capabilities of the machine.  She says this just means she is done for now.  Lasers change, the vascular system will change as she gets older.  It is mixed news, but in reality, we always knew there would be a point when we couldn't do anything else.  I think we honestly thought we would have hit that point a couple years ago.  I think we are all ready for a break from it so this is a good thing.  We will see what happens in a year.