Monday, November 1, 2010

the challenge

I have taken on the 1000 books to read before I die challenge.  It seriously might take me that long, hoping that I live a very long life to finish.  There are many books on the list that I have zero interest in reading and some that I have tried and just not made it through.  I started the blog over here  Eventually I will get around to figuring out how to link the two together nicely but I am just doing good making the actual list and posting at all.  Ideally some of my friends will take on this challenge and I can link everybody together so we can see where we are all at. 


  1. Where did you get that list? I'm interested, after I finish the Well-Educated Mind.

  2. there are three books to NOT read on there, everybody. be wise before grabbing and reading them all... in particular avoid the marquis de sade books and the story of o...

  3. That can't take you more than a year to finish, can it? Don't you read like two books a day right now?? ;) Awesome list! How did you come up with it?


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