Thursday, September 16, 2010

poor bubba

Poor Rhys. He never gets any blog posts. His 18 months milestone post came and went and I never posted anything! Now I can't even remember his specific measurement to catch up. He doesn't have any activities for me to post pictures of or anything like that. He is just the little cool dude who hangs out with me.

Let's talk about Rhys for a bit. He is a funny, funny little guy. He has adopted Ava's knock knock joke. Rhys: Knock, knock. You: Who's there? Rhys: Poopie. You: Poopie who? Rhys: (blank stare). Then he will laugh.

He does this thing where he will frown at you to get you to frown and then he pulls his face into this crazy grin, similar to what you would picture if you were trying to smile while on a roller coaster. As soon as you do that face, he will frown again. This will continue on and on.

Rhys and Ava play pretty well together most of the time. He has started to think it is funny to take what she is playing with and run away with it. I hear "Mine!!!!!!!!!!" followed by shreiking about 20 times a day. I don't know who is doing it because they pretty much sound exactly alike when crying or screaming.

He loves to sing and dance. Ever since he was a baby, I would generally chant while rocking him. "Rhys-y, piecey" I don't know why. It wasn't very creative. Ava had a whole song. I guess I could only rock and get slightly above a hum. I was able to keep going even if I was falling asleep. He still likes it when I do it, and now will sing with me.
(he has a thing for hats)

He and Ava are definitely a lot alike. Both are generally very gentle and affectionate and like to cuddle. Rhys is a lot more forthcoming with new people than Ava ever was or still is. He rarely is shy. I don't know if he really knows what that word means. He talks a lot. I can pretty much discuss most things with him and at least find out what he wants or things about it. I think a few of his meltdowns are related to him being frustrated that we don't know what he is saying, but we get most things. His favorite phrases are "I like it." "I no like it." "Open it." "Close it." "Cute" "Don't touch Pepe." "Get down!"

This is what happens when you use a candle snuffer as a microphone.  It is hard to be a performer.

I love where he is at right now. I can't believe he is racing closer to 2 and farther away from baby. I love that he still wants to cuddle first thing in the morning, says "I waf you!" at least 30 times away. He still calls Ava "Aya" or "Awa" and is light enough to carry around. Ava has suddenly gotten long and all leggy and is definitely not a baby anymore. Just thinking that soon the Awa will become Ava makes me want to go home and video tape his crazy dance. "Watch this!!!"


  1. Love that little man - he is the coolest!

  2. my favorite of his comes from every time while im bringing him up to bed (mainly on your work days) i say (and have been saying for probably most of his life) for him to ava "night-night, big sister". he has begun repeating this. "ni-night, dit-der"

    also dont forget his regular use of food words.

  3. I am not sure if I missed the post but....I notice in the ADORABLE picture of Rhys you have what looks like beautiful, finished wood floors! I want to see pictures of the floor. I am SOOO impressed that you guys did it!


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