Monday, November 26, 2007

We will just have to wait and see if this continues but Ava came home from daycare today with somewhat of a rash, more of a skin irritation looking thing after her one day of being back in disposable diapers.  I put her in a cloth one to go to bed.  Hopefully if it just gets a little red during the day, it will go back to normal at night and she won't actually get a regular rash rash. I am sure all of you wanted to know about Ava's booty. Oh well. 

All of my online purchases came today!  That means I have boxes to wrap gifts in!  If you open your present and it is in an Amazon box, don't be fooled.  It is just a box. I did not buy you Amazon. 

Ava split my lip today with her head.  I knew it was going to happen eventually.  She was having a flailing melt down towards the end of a 2 hour on and off again meltdown. She is now sleeping and it is only 7:30.